The Most Popular Indonesian Urban Legends

The Most Popular Indonesian Urban Legends You’ve probably heard a few of these Indonesian urban legends. There are tales of how people disappear, the story of a house that is built in Pondok Indah and how Dayang Sumbi’s weaving needle got lost. Other popular stories include Kuntilanak Merah, Oey Tambahsia, Bawang Putih and more.

The Most Popular Indonesian Malin Kundang

The Most Popular Indonesian Malin Kundang is a folklore story about a son who is cursed by his mother. The story is from West Sumatra, Indonesia. This is one of the most popular cautionary tales in Indonesia.

Malin was born into a poor family, but his father was a sailor. He grew up in a village on the coast of Sumatra. His mother worked hard to raise him. When his father passed away, Malin decided to travel abroad in order to become rich.

In the meantime, his mother lived in a small fishing village. She made a living selling fish. Her children were ungrateful and refused to help their mother.

Malin Kundang eventually came home to Padang. However, he forgot to honor his mother when he became famous. After a while, he became ashamed of his new status.

When his ship was about to sail, a storm blew in. The sea was full of huge waves. One of these waves hit the ship, and Malin fell off. It was a miracle that he survived.

Malin Kundang’s mother ran to meet her son, but he was unable to recognize her. Even though she was an old woman, she was very pretty.

The Most Popular Indonesian Pondok Indah house

The Most Popular Indonesian One of the most popular urban legends in Jakarta is the Pondok Indah house. The story is that a Japanese family was murdered here and the dead family still haunts the building.

A lot of people have visited the site to seek supernatural clues. It has become a popular tourist destination in the city. Psychics, gamblers, and discount property buyers are also drawn to the abandoned mansion.

Many movies have been made about these haunted places in Jakarta. Most of the horror films are set in real locations and use the stories of their histories.

Other popular urban legends in Jakarta include the Casablanca tunnel and Ancol bridge. This place is said to be a hotbed for jins, or spirits of the dead. Jins are believed to be partial to empty homes and as many as 10,000 jins can crowd into the vacant home at any given time.

Another popular urban legend is that of the Potato House. This house is located on Jalan Dharmawangsa 9 in Kebayoran Baru. Some people say that they hear a child crying as they pass by the potato house.

Lawang Sewu is also a well-known urban legend. It has been the subject of several local horror themed TV shows. According to the legend, it is the site of a mass murder by Japanese soldiers.

The Most Popular Indonesian Oey Tambahsia

The Most Popular Indonesian There are many Indonesian urban legends. These rumors are found throughout the provinces. Some of the stories are about mitos, klenik, and others. But one of the most popular urban legends in Indonesia is about the ruthless playboy, Oey Tambahsia.

In the early 18th century, a Chinese man named Oey Tambahsia came to Batavia. He was rich, a playboy, and lived in a luxurious villa in Ancol. His henchmen helped him seduce a beautiful woman, Maryam. They saw her in the Tongkangan area. She left her husband to sell her merchandise. The Chinese man then ordered thugs to capture her.

Oey Tambahsia was always dressed in silk cap and ironed Chinese clothing. Although he was a rich man, he never went anywhere without a bodyguard.

The woman, Maryam, was married to a peddler. When she left her husband, he chased after her with horses. She was able to escape with her horse carriage to the fish market. Her husband did not return. After his death, her ghost was said to haunt the bridge at the entrance to the Bintang Mas.

Her ghost appeared in the 1960s and 1990s. During this time, locals still bred fish at the bridge. Many people claim to have seen her ghost.

The Most Popular Indonesian Suster Ngesot

The Most Popular Indonesian The Suster Ngesot urban legend is one of the most popular Indonesian horror stories. It is based on the legend of a nurse who was raped and killed by a doctor on duty.

The story goes that the nurse was abused and had her legs broken. Afterward, she was buried in a shallow grave.

The nurse’s ghost, Suster, has been seen in the hospital corridors since. Some people believe that Suster is a manifestation of a black magic witches in Sumatra.

There have been two movies made about the Ngesot legend. First, is Hantu Jeruk Purut (2006). In this movie, the decapitated pastor of Jeruk Purut Cemetary is haunted.

Another famous Indonesian ghost is the kuntilanak. This ghost has been present in the entertainment media of Malaysia and Indonesia for decades. Kuntilanak takes several different names in the stories. However, she is known to have a hole on her back.

Many Indonesian people believe that a spell will bring the ghost to the bamboo doll. People also believe that the spell will make it possible to communicate with the ghost.

Then, there is the Suster Ngesot, a ghost who wears the clothes of a nurse. She is believed to be from an elderly hospital in West Java.

The Most Popular Indonesian Kuntilanak Merah

The Most Popular Indonesian Kuntilanak Merah is a creature in Indonesian mythology. She is a ghost of a pregnant woman who died before giving birth to her child. According to legend, she lurks in tall trees and by the edge of rivers. The sight of her can drive people insane. In Jakarta, a group of teenagers noticed that the apparition of Kuntilanak had been lurking in the background of a party.

In Indonesian culture, Kuntilanak is commonly referred to as Pontianak. It is a vampiric female spirit that stalks and steals babies from pregnant women. It appears in several forms including a beautiful woman, a monster, and a snake. Usually, Kuntilanak appears as a pale woman wearing a white gown and long fingernails.

Another popular Indonesian urban legend is the Suster Ngesot. It is about a nurse who was killed by a black magic spell. When it is in its male form, it is called the ‘Benjamin’. As in other Indonesian legends, it is believed that this ghost can drag people across the floor.

Other Indonesian horror urban legends include Kuyang, Nenek Gayung, and the Tuyul. All of these tales involve a ghost of a man or a woman, but they have very different characteristics.

Dayang Sumbi’s weaving needle goes missing

The tiniest of all time tidbits is that Dayang Sumbi has been blessed with a very long life. She is also the first to use the magic shawl of enlightenment to illuminate the world around her. Her most memorable moment was the day her daughter, the eponymous Princess of the Emerald City, was born. The next big milestone was the day she was banished to the outer reaches of the kingdom, as is customary in the aristocracy. However, the day of reckoning was not all bad, as she was granted a small fiefdom to herself.

This tiny island is home to some of the most beautiful people on Earth, but not all is well. Dayang Sumbi has a harebrained plan to turn her fiefdom into a tourist attraction. First she wants to build a nifty looking lake. Second she wants to repopulate her land with humanoids, so she hires the finest of the best. But the big question is, will the neophyte architects be able to make it to the promised land? Well, that is another story for another day. If you are a tinkerer, and are willing to brave the island’s many perils, you may be the next sexiest hunk on the horizon.

Bawang Putih

Bawang Putih is a well-known Indonesian folklore story. It has been adapted into stage plays and movies.

In the tale, Bawang Putih is the only daughter of a wealthy merchant. She was raised by her father’s wife. When her husband’s wife passed away, her father married another woman. But she didn’t acknowledge her because she looked like a beggar.

After the death of her mother, Bawang Putih was left with her half-sister. Their stepmother was cruel and harsh. Her half-sister was vain and always jealous. Eventually, they had a terrible experience.

The stepfamily realized that their ways were wrong and they repented. They began to help Bawang Putih with her chores. They also learned to love her. This allowed them to be kinder to her and they began to forgive her.

Eventually, Bawang Putih and her mother came to realize that they were being cruel. After seeing the venomous beasts, they grew ashamed.

One day, Bawang Putih decided to wash her clothes in the river. She didn’t notice that a piece of cloth belonging to her mother had been washed away. Since nobody knew where the cloth was, she kept searching.

When she returned home, her stepmother was angry with her. Then, Bawang Putih went to a cave. While she was there, she came across an old woman. During the visit, the old woman gave her a pumpkin.

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